Comment installer et utiliser la version "light" de Capacity Planner de VMWare incluse dans Virtual Center 2.5.

The release of VirtualCenter 2.5 included a new feature called Guided Consolidation (also known as Capacity Planner) which uses a built-in wizard to discover physical systems and analyze them for preparation to be converted into virtual machines (VMs). This feature is a "lite" version of the full Capacity Planner application that is available to VMware business partners to help analyze customer environments.

Once these systems have been analyzed they can be converted into virtual machines by the built-in VMware Converter feature of VirtualCenter 2.5. The entire process consists of the following steps:

  • Finding servers - First search for, and select, the physical systems in your data center that you want analyzed.
  • Analyzing servers - Selected physical systems are analyzed and performance data on each selected system is collected. Generally, the longer the duration of the analysis phase the higher the confidence in VirtualCenter's recommendations.
  • Consolidating servers - Performance data is compared to the resources available on the virtual machine host systems. The selected physical systems are converted to virtual machines and imported into VirtualCenter on the recommended hosts where they are managed along with other components of your virtual environment.