Désolé du retard, je l'ai téléchargé, mais j'ai oublié d'en parler...


Sun has released version 2.0 of the xVM VirtualBox workstation hypervisor. This major release offers new features including support for 64-bit guest operating systems, an improved GUI console, some performance enhancements, support for VHD disk images as well as some fixed issues from the previous 1.6.6 release.

The installation of version VirtualBox 2.0 is seamless, quick and is still only a small download at 32 MB. The version 2.0 series still lacks the robust native bridged networking offered by VMware products. Further, an upgraded Windows host will lose any bridged network interfaces and will need to be recreated as in prior upgrades of VirtualBox. If you are upgrading a previous version of VirtualBox and used bridged network interfaces, run this command to enumerate your devices:

Enumerate Interfaces

Here is a previous blog entry about creating network interfaces, which would need to be run again on the new environment. More information on version 2.0 of VirtualBox can be found in the online user manual available on the VirtualBox website.