On October 16th I’ll be conducting a webinar with the folks at BakBone on VMware data protection. Virtualization provides a great opportunity to rethink and in turn re-architect your organization’s existing data protection strategy. This year, several mature solutions provide organizations with trustworthy alternatives to how they traditionally back up and recover virtual systems. With more and more production systems becoming virtualized, backup and recovery is becoming an increasingly complex component of virtual machine management. There are pros and cons to each approach to protecting virtual systems, and I will dissect them during the webinar. If you’re interested in joining, here are the details:

WHAT:  VMware Data Protection Webinar
WHEN: 8:00 a.m. PT, Thursday, October 16, 2008
WHERE: Online, Registration:
Webinar attendees will learn different options for VMware data protection, industry best practices and possible pitfalls of virtualization protection. As the adoption of virtualization is rapidly growing in IT environments, it becomes increasingly important for organizations to learn how to handle the complexities that the technology brings. Wolf will share his expertise on virtualized data protection to help CIOs, IT managers and storage administrators stay informed about virtualized trends and better leverage these technologies.