ça vient juste d’être publié : une des sessions sur Windows Server 2008 R2 du TechEd EMEA IT Professional 2008 de Barcelone qui s’est terminé vendredi.

“Windows Server 2008 is released, but what's next? Microsoft is making the management of Windows a priority and Active Directory is no exception! Come to this session and see how, with Powershell and the new Active Directory cmdlets, you can get the best of the UI and the best of the CLI! You will also see the upcoming Directory Service Administrative Center and its new UI concepts such as progressive disclosure and task oriented navigation. Last but not least, we will also show how the core of Active Directory has been enhanced to support new scenarios for service accounts, offline domain joins and recovery of deleted Active Directory objects more easily than it has been for the last 8 years! Come to this session to understand our future plans and to prepare yourself for an enhanced day-to-day Active Directory management experience!”

Voir la vidéo :