Updated scripts are here http://www.ravichaganti.com/blog/?p=241

Virtual Server 2005 had a tool to mount and unmount VHD files. MS, so far, has not given this tool with hyper-V. However, they published WMI interfaces for doing the same.

So, here is a small script that enables Mount/Unmount options in the context menu when you right-click on a .VHD file. I am currently not handling any errors. This will fail if you try to mount / unmount a VHD in use. I am looking at WMI interfaces to understand how I can put some checks in to the script.

To use this script (Works only on LH system with Hyper-V or any system that has Hyper-V WMI interfaces),
1. Unzip the contents to desktop
2. Copy vhdmount.vbs to c:\
3. Double-Click on HV-Reg.reg and export the contents to Windows Registry
4. Right-Click on a .VHD file and you can see mount and dismount options

You can download the script here

just posted an issue with old VHDMOUNT scripts I created. As mentioned in the earlier post, this issue was caused because of an update to GetVirtualHardDiskInfo method output format. You can download an updated version of this script here. You will have to unzip all the files in to a single folder and then import HV-Reg.reg in to your registry. You may have to change the script path in the registry file based on where you have unzipped these files.



Les liens en local pour Hyper-V VHD Mounter et mon Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1 x86 VHD Mounter (il suffit de copier le répertoire binaire VHDMount de l'install x64 ou x86)