Suite à une réflexion client qui souhaite sécuriser des serveurs ESX indépendants, voici un petit tour des outils gratuits et certains payants pour faciliter les tâches de backup/protection des VMs:

esXpress v3.1


A noter chez le même éditeur un outil gratuit de monitoring ESX :

Un outil concurrent gratuit de chez SolarWinds basé sur SNMP (donc incompatible ESXi, encore que...)

FREE SolarWinds VM Monitor for Instant Visibility into VMware!

SolarWinds free VM Monitor is an ingenious desktop tool that continuously monitors a VMware® ESX Server and its virtual machines, delivering the real-time virtualization monitoring that you've been missing. With VM Monitor at your fingertips, you'll be able to track virtualization health at-a-glance and ensure your mission-critical apps never fail you. Go ahead, declare victory in the virtualization game and impress your boss and your fellow IT administrators with your newfound X-ray vision into ESX Servers!

SolarWinds free VM Monitor makes it easy to:

  • Quickly check the health of your VMware ESX Server by monitoring CPU, memory utilization, number of virtual machines configured and running, and much more
  • View detailed individual virtual machine health statistics including VM name, guest OS, and VM state, as well as processor, memory, and network usage
  • Leverage best practice thresholds to begin monitoring virtualized servers right out-of-the-box
  • Prevent performance degradation by watching threshold-specific indicators to visually alert you when problems occur

* SolarWinds VM Monitor only supports monitoring of VMware ESX servers; the tool currently does not support VMware ESXi, since ESXi does not support SNMP queries.

La suite au prochain épisode, enfin lorsque j'aurai des choses à dire...

  • NEW File Level Backups (FLB) in addition to VM Image Backups.
  • NEW Support for Automatic Template Backups.
  • NEW Updated Background Restore Engine.
  • NEW Supports up to 16 VBAs per host (With VBA Doubler plugin).
  • NEW Backing up VMs with Existing Snapshots, with separate target available.
  • NEW Additional Detailed Backup Archive Reporting.
  • NEW Backups to CIFS/SMB Targets (Windows file shares, Data Domain device, etc.
  • NEW Automatic Retry of Failed Backups Option.
  • NEW Supports ESX 3.5, Including the esXpress GUI in release 3.1.9( ** see ESX 3.5 release note below )
  • NEW Enhanced Simple Replication/Mass Restore Engine

esXpress v3 Features

  • Uses VMware recommended VBAs, Virtual Backup Appliances
  • Integrated with Virtual Infrastructure 3 client.
  • Control and monitor backups right from the VI3 client
  • VMware DRS aware and Vmotion compatible. VMs can be Vmotioned while backups are in progress
  • Backup target failover feature combined with VMware's HA means NO SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE
  • Special One-Up backup mode
  • Skip Delta backup if a Virtual Machine has not changed
  • Virtual Backup Appliance. Offloads the processing of backups from the service console into the virtual space. Fast. Reliable. Scalable.
  • Multi-threaded processing of backups allows multiple simultaneous backups with minimal system impact
  • Multiple backup transports and targets; ftp, ssh, smb/cifs, iSCSI (VMFS), SAN (VMFS), local storage and more
  • Now with LZOP compression. Increase your backup speed by as much as 50%
  • The ONLY ESX Backup solution that uses Patent Pending Intelligent Delta Technology
  • The ONLY 256 Bit Encrypted ESX VMDK Backups solution
  • esXpress will automatically backup ALL of your Virtual Machines every day with compression and optional encryption
  • Each ESX host is autonomous and responsible for backing itself up. No Windows scheduler required, no cutting and pasting DOS commands
  • No Centralized Windows GUI required. No Single Point of Failure.
  • DOES NOT consume service console CPU, RAM or network. Will not interfere with VI Client, Web Access or VirtualCenter operation
  • NO additional software or operating systems required
  • NO dedicated physical servers
  • esXpress is licensed per HOST not per CPU
  • Live Backup Statistics
  • Mass Auto Restore/Replication feature. One-to-Many. Complete Data Center Replication.
  • Backup Archive Management feature
  • Full Reporting with Email notifications
  • Portable Self Extracting Delta Backups are restorable to VMware Server under Windows and Linux.
  • Simple installation and setup
  • Full Linux text menu available for all actions, including manual backups, restores and additional reporting.
  • esXpress is fully scriptable for integration with other backup solutions and scripts

This download is a fully functional and fully supported software package. You can perform 100% complete full backups of your VMware ESX virtual machines every night. Additional plug-ins are enabled in DEMO mode for 30 days. The plug-ins included in these release are; 256-bit encryption, Archive Management, Intelligent Delta Technology (differential backups) and VBA Technology (Virtual Backup Appliance).

After the DEMO period has expired, encryption, Intelligent Delta and archive features require a license key to continue operating. Otherwise, if you are happy with daily FULL backups, feel free to continue using esXpress for FREE. The esXpress software remains fully functional with no restrictions on its use after the DEMO period has ended.

Currently esXpress does not support ESX 3i. It is planned for a future release. esXpress v3.1 only supports full versions of ESX 3.x (3.0.1/3.0.2/3.5).

Pour résumer, cet outil disponible en version gratuite permet en étant installé sur chaque ESX de pouvoir backuper les VMs locales sur un serveur distant, soit en CIFS/SMB, FTP, SSH....

Le but avoué étant d'avoir deux hôtes de virtualisation avec chacun la copie des VMs actives sur l'autre hôte en cas de problème pour un coup approchant le 0 (sauf le stockage bien sûr)

Dans le même ordre d'idées :

Veeam FastSCP for VMware ESX Server

FastSCP provides a fast, secure and easy way to manage files and bulk copy VMs across your VMware ESX environment.

Veeam FastSCP is the de facto standard for ESX file management. FastSCP allows users to copy files from ESX to Windows, Windows to ESX or ESX to ESX. FastSCP is the simplest and fastest way to deliver ISO files to ESX Servers or copy VMs and templates between ESX servers. FastSCP ensures security by using a one-time password feature and works more than six times faster than SCP.

Cet outil est un freeware.