Comme je travaille sur un dossier VI3 et NetApp... j'ai cherché chez VMWare leurs recommendations, et voici :


Detailed document covering the best practices for configuring NetApp storage with VI3.

Intended Audience

VMware Certified Professionals (VCPs), IT Architects and Storage Management professionals


  1. VMware Storage Options

  2. FAS Configuration and Setup

  3. VI3 Configuration Basics

  4. IP Storage Networking Best Practices

  5. VMware ESX Network Configuration Options

  6. Increasing Storage Utilization

  7. Monitoring and Management

  8. Backup and Recovery

  9. Snapshot Backups for VMware

  10. Appendix A: Configuring Systems for Scripted Snapshot Backups

  11. Appendix B: Example Hot Backup Snapshot Script

  12. References