Get the New VMware vCenter Converter--A Free Download

VMware vCenter™ Converter is the tool of choice for creating virtual machines from your physical PC or from third-party virtual machine formats, and it also provides an easy way to convert virtual machines from one VMware platform (e.g., VMware Server) to another (e.g. VMware Infrastructure). The new version of Converter includes the following new features:

  • Support for Linux (RHEL, SUSE and Ubuntu) and Windows Server 2008 on the source machine
  • Hot cloning to capture changes to physical machine during the P2V conversion process
  • Support for V2V from Parallels Desktop, Symantec, Acronis, and StorageCraft formats
  • The ability to configure the CPU, memory and storage of the destination virtual machine

Best of all, VMware vCenter Converter is available as a free download on the VMware Web site!