Master VCP! How cool does that sound?

The VCDX, as cool as it is, is specifically targeted at a solution architect level. It is not for everyone. What should be for all of you is a “next” level. This “Master VCP” certification is something that we are working very hard on being able to provide soon. It would involve being a VCP, then taking the Enterprise Administration Exam, which is part multiple choice, part practical. That exam has limited scalability at this point, and we can’t roll out this certification until we resolve that issue. Of course that is only one factor, but it is the main limiting factor at this point.

So for all of you wanted the next level of mastery, just stay tuned and we will have it for you soon…

Jon C. Hall
Technical Certification Developer

For those who read Erik Zandboer’s blog on the VCDX Design Exam, Jon Hall also commented on the blog… take a look if you scheduled the Design beta exam or if you recently did the exam it contains useful information.