VMware introduced vSphere 4 for Small business.

Essentials and Essentials plus, those are the 2 versions of vSpehre 4 for Small business.It’s a special version of vSphere which can manage up to 3 physical servers running under ESX or ESXi. The management product called vCenter, which can manage the whole virtual infrastructure, is included with vSphere 4 for Small business. This is a great news for firms which are not having a lot of physical servers to virtualize. Firms having like 20-25 physical servers right now could benefit this version of vSphere to protect their IT infrastructure with the features like High Availability or Data Recovery (backup agent-less solution) included in the vSphere Essentials plus.

So what you gonna get in the very basic edition? Here are the features:

VMware ESX and VMware ESXi - industry standard hypervisors
-  You’ll have vCenter Server to manage up to 3 physical servers with each up to 2 physical processors with 6 coeurs.
-  You are able to configure your VMs with up to 4 virtual CPU each for high performance.
vCenter Update Manager to manage the updates for ESX/ESXi servers and your VMs
-  Integrated physical-to-virtual machine conversion capabilities vith vCenter Converter
-  Advanced virtual machine memory management capabilities (including Memory ballooning, Transparent Page Sharing and Memory Overcommitment)
-  Advanced capabilities to protect your Network failures with NIC teaming and HBA multipathing.


Source: Vmware