If you don’t have SAN/NAS storage box at home and you did not build an Openfiler NAS with for your lab without aditional physical machine as I did, you might be interested in SvSAN. With SvSAN you will be able to use the internal disks of your ESX Servers for a such an advanced features like vMotion or High Availability. Of course you cannot expect to have the same performance like in real SAN, but for home testing is just fine…

So what SvSan is about? First of all it’s free. Not a demo, but you can download a free copy for your use - for life !!! Enter promo key “DEMO”.

SvSAN is a Storage Virtual Appliance that is simply installed as a virtual machine on the server and leverages the internal disk storage for the SAN. So if I got it right, it’s a VM which uses the Internal disks of your ESX Servers.


All you have to do is install Stor Magic’s SvSAN on your ESX server and you’ll be sharing your datastores and enabling features such as VMotion without having to install and configure Openfiler (it’s free too, but quite lenghty to configure..)

Enjoy this video about SvSAN.