Exchange 2010 provides an easy way to verify whether that very important message was delivered to every recipient with a new feature we call delivery reports.

Delivery Reports contains delivery information about messages you sent, such as:

  • Why didn't my message go through?
  • Where is my message now?
  • Who received my message?

And about messages you received:

  • Am I a member of any of the groups addressed in this message?
  • Why is this message in a folder and not in my inbox?

Delivery Reports can be accessed by users from Outlook Web Access or by clicking on the "Options" button and then going to "Organize E-mail".

Administrators can access Delivery Reports from the Exchange Control Panel on the "Reporting" tab, and if the Administrator has access to the Exchange Management Console, the "Toolbox" section contains a link to "Message Tracking" where they can search for Delivery Reports. The Message Tracking tool included in previous versions of Exchange has been renamed "Tracking Log Explorer".

What information is shown in Delivery Reports?

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