VMware Data Recovery is a Backup solution integrated into a SMB package VMware vSphere Essentials Plus and higher. This is a real graphical backup solution to provide recovery/backup for your VMs. Backup recovery it’s actualy VM appliance (yes, virtual machine) which operates inside of your environement.

Data Recovery | 07 JULY 2009 | Build 176771

Last Document Update: 09 JULY 2009

Latest Released Version: 1.0.1 | 07/09/09 | 176771

You can find the Step-by-step upgrade from 1.0.0 here. There are some steps you should folow… Like that upgrading the with the latest Data Recovery Plugin in the VMware infrastructure and also to upgrade Data Recovery appliances with virtual disks.

I found a video on YouTube. Since I did not do any testing yet, you can have a look at the video first…

Bugfix list is also available at Vladan's place...