This looks like that I could upgrade my Home Lab… -:)

New blog post on Chad’s blog makes me really excited. We’ll see some new product family coming soon to the stores. It’s targeted for SMB and home market users. And that’s really interesting. With products which are more easy to use, they are ing a good price range (from 650 $ !!!!).

The new SAN/NAS “box” from EMC is already on the HCL (hardware compatibility list) for VMware vSphere 4 for iSCSI and NFS !! The new device has quite cool design too. Just look at the pic…


1. 4 drive desktop unit – 2, 4, and 8TB configurations – starting at under $650.
2. Super-simple and easy to use – with all the EMC Lifeline goodness including drive and fan spin-down, RAID 1/10/5
3. Formal CIFS, NFS and iSCSI support – and on the VMware HCL day 1 for both iSCSI and NFS on vSphere 4 (see that here). BTW – it also is on the Microsoft HCL for W2K3 and W2K8 iSCSI initiator.
4. Dual GbE interfaces – crazy at this price point, but this means link aggregation and network HA.
5. Remote Replication capability. Wow. Yes, this begs the obvious question, and we’re working on it. SRM needs remote replication and snapshots/clones to work – we’re getting the key pre-requisites – and are indeed working on it – but not yet…).
6. Other things that matter to small businesses (strong Active Directory support, SMTP, email alerts, remote management, print server and USB storage expansion)
7. Other things that matter to consumers (“One Click” remote or local backup, nice mgmt LCD, Retrospect included, Mozy support, Apple iTunes and Time Machine support, uPnP, native BitTorrent support, for the paranoid – can connect 5 external video cameras directly, and more…)

Usefull links that Chad Sakac is pointing as well concerning some Best practices for VMware and Iomega:

Desktop units: Iomega StorCenter Pro NAS ix4 and ix2 with VMware ESX Server 3.5


Source: VirtualGeek