You might have noticed that the VMware Certified Professional certification now has a number appended to it.  The name has been changed to reflect your areas of skill - VCP2 for those who have been around the longest and took the VCP test when it revolved around version 2, VCP3 for those of you who studied and mastered version 3 of ESX, and now VCP4 for those who chose to remain in the forefront of the virtualization craze.

The good news is that your certifications now have no end date. Once you have earned your VCP3, you are always a VCP3! Earn the VCP4 certificate and it will always be valid. Just as with prior versions, acquiring your VCP4 involves taking a course to gain important understanding of the features and capabilities of the new version, taking the time to gain some hands-on experience in your workplace, and then passing the certification test.

If you are already on the road to becoming a VCP3 (or better yet you've already earned that title) then you're in luck when it comes to achieving your VCP4. A special path has been created to reflect your efforts thus far; a path that can greatly reduce the amount of time and money you'll need to spend to achieve your goal - becoming a VCP4. To qualify for this offer you must already have earned your VCP3 or have already attended one of the official VMware qualifying courses for the VCP3 - either the "Install and Configure" course, the "Deploy, Secure, and Analyze" course, or our "v3 Fast Track" class.


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To sum up, hurry to take vSphere Exam before December 31st, else you'll have to do more for the same!