The VMware vSphere QuickStart Series is a free 4-part training series designed for new customers, new admins, and evaluators.

Part 1: Install & Configure ESXi:
VMware vSphere deployment architecture; install/configure ESXi, networking & storage, and VMware Tools; and VM creation.

Part 2: VM Management with VMware vCenter Server:
vCenter Server install/configure & back-end DB connection; user access control; ESXi/ESX host management with vCenter Server; and create/manage VMs using templates, snapshots, and thin-provisioned VM disks .

Part 3: Cluster Setup, Availability, Load Balancing:
VM cluster (resource pool) set-up; VMotion & Storage VMotion live migration; High Availability; and DRS load balancing.

Part 4: Monitoring, Availability, Backup, Next Steps:
VM performance monitoring; vCenter alarms & reports; Fault Tolerance; Data Recovery; and choosing the right VMware vSphere edition for your organization.

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