I had discussion with Richard Garsthagen during the Dutch VMUG about View/VDI related blogs, or better said the lack of. It appears that desktop is a topic bloggers are avoiding. The weird thing about it is that in the industry View is picking up more and more.

Yes there are a couple of bloggers out there who are focussing onView like my colleague Christoph Dommermuth but compared to the “core” product their share is tiny. For me personally there’s a simple reason you don’t see me blogging about View, it’s not part of my focus area.

Something I overlooked during the discussion are the two excellent whitepapers/articles Herco van Brugh wrote. The first one is a brand new whitepaper and discusses how to correctly scale your storage based on a couple simple formulas.

  1. Download whitepaper here. (NEW!)
    Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI, is hot. It’s cool, secure, centrally managed, flexible – it’s an IT manager’s dream.
    However, as it turns out, there is a hidden danger to VDI. There’s a killer named “IOPS”.
  2. Creating a VDI template
    This guide is based on Windows XP because of its low resources usage compared to Vista and even Windows 7. The general idea however also applies to those versions although specific services and registry keys will most likely not work. Skipping Vista, the next version of this guide will focus on Windows 7.

Another thing I overlooked when I was doing a little research were the Reference Architectures EMC did. There’s some good info to be found in these. So it seems that there is info out there, I guess the “problem” is that there are only 1 or 2 bloggers who are solely focusing on View. So if you are a VDI/View Consultant now it is time to speak up. Step into the world of blogging and let your voice be heard!