I don't know about you, but every time I look at Microsoft's
Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), their free all-in-one
tool for building, executing and archiving operating system
scenarios, I just sort of look at all of its bells and
whistles, shake my head and say, "another day."

My associate Rhonda Layfield, however, is quite expert in its use
and, even better, great at explaining it.  So I asked her if
she'd do a short, to-the-point, use-it-right-now piece on how
to use MDT to move an XP desktop to Windows 7.

The really cool thing about this scenario is that you can sit
down at a user's desktop, blow away XP and install Windows 7,
all without touching the user's data.  Sure beats sitting at
a user's machine, telling the machine to back up the user data
to some server and then twiddling your thumbs while you wait
for that data to finish copying!  (I know, I know, we don't
twiddle our thumbs, we go start another migration.  But you
know what I mean.)

If you have a moment, give Rhonda's article a look.  I think
you'll find it valuable.

You can find the Tech Page here: