The first thing that I needed to do as part of my big rebuild was to move non-critical virtual machines to a remote file server.  The easiest way to do this would have been to export the virtual machines to a local location and then move them up to a network share.  Unfortunately I did not have enough space on the local hard disk to do this.  So what I needed to do was to export the virtual machines directly to a remote network share.

Luckily I had two things working in my favor:

  1. Both my Hyper-V server and my file server (okay, it was actually my desktop computer) are in the same domain
  2. I was performing the operation directly from the Hyper-V console (not using remote management tools)

Now it is possible to do this still if the above two items are not true – but it gets a lot more complicated.

Given this setup I needed to create and configure a share for the exported virtual machines to be created on.  I logged into my desktop computer and created a share – which granted full access to my user account by default.  But this is not enough for Hyper-V.

Hyper-V does a lot of operations using local service accounts on the Hyper-V computer.  So the network share needs to have permission granted for both the user account that you are using and for the computer account for the Hyper-V server.  The user account is easy to setup (and in my case was setup by default).  Setting up the computer account is a little trickier.

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