Many of you have heard about the changes we've made in Exchange 2010 that combine to give you the ability to use less expensive storage and deploy large mailboxes. There have been many discussions around the choices you have around Exchange storage, and along the way we've heard some interesting questions. To add some clarity to the discussion, we've put together some resources to bust some of the most common myths and mis-perceptions that we have heard.

To help you better understand our thinking around large mailboxes, we've published the Large Mailbox Vision Whitepaper.

AND here are the top 10 Myths about Exchange storage that we've heard . Busted!

  • Myth #1: Exchange requires expensive, high-performing storage . I can't afford large mailboxes!
    Exchange 2010 enables you to implement large, low-cost mailboxes. It performs well on less expensive disks and supports a range of storage options. See the Large Mailbox Vision Whitepaper.
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