Inclusion of App-V for TS in the Windows Server 2008 RDS CAL / TS CAL

Application compatibility and management is a driver of cost for many TS / RDS customers. By including the right to use App-V for TS as part of the TS & RDS CALs we have simplified licensing and enabled a broader set of RDS customers to enjoy the benefits that Microsoft Application Virtualization for Terminal Services provides which in addition to solving app-to-app conflicts and multiuser application conflicts also enables the RDS / TS customer to:

  • Consolidate Session Host / terminal servers and end server siloing

  • End application conflicts and regression testing

  • Accelerate application deployment for Session Hosts

  • Reduce Deployment Risk

  • Simplify Profile Management

For more information on the benefits of Microsoft Application Virtualization for TS see .

Note: Customers will no longer be able to purchase App-V CAL for TS after November 1st 2009.