Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 Service Pack 2 (App-V 4.5 SP2) provides the latest updates to Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 SP1 server      

  • Enhanced failover protection or disaster recovery: App-V 4.5 SP2 server provides enhanced failover protection for virtual applications. With SQL mirroring support App-V data-store will always be available, allowing administrators to quickly recover from disasters and/or recycle servers for maintenance.       

  • Support for highly available application virtualization infrastructure: App-V 4.5 SP2 based server infrastructure will enable support for high availability scenarios for line of business applications; with automatic failover protection not available with the previous versions of App-V. Data-store mirroring is now possible across geography: this enables organizations to recover from site wide failures faster.         

  • Support for Office 2010: App-V 4.5 SP2 now supports Office 2010 deployment kit for App-V that enables integration of Office 2010 features. Office 2010 32-bit will run on windows x86 platforms with 4.5 SP2. For X64 platforms you need to migrate to App-V 4.6

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