Etant sous NDA je n’ai pas le droit de communiquer sur les nouveautés de View 4.5 mais l’information ayant été diffusée sur internet je la relaye ici

-          “Local Mode” : off-line VDI finally out of experimental phase. There is also a new role in this scenario: the Transfer Server.

-          ThinApp 4.5 with Application Entitlement (assign applications to Desktop Pools; MSI only)

-          Tiered Storage : define different datastores for different datatypes (replica’s, userdata etc.) <- great feature !

-          Full Sysprep support

-          Disposable Disk technology (ability to identify Temp/Swap data in your image and clean that data automatically).

-          Snapshot support for Linked Clones (Floating Pool)

-          Role Based Administration

-          Kiosk Mode Desktop Pools (GUI suppression and device-based assignments)

-          Native MacOS client

-          Web Download Portal (for downloading the client software via the web)

-          A good dashboard with more event logging for better troubleshooting

Ps: il faudra m’expliquer ces différences de traitement entre les utilisateurs et les betas testeurs VMware