In 2010 SP1 RTM, nothing has been changed in the DAG options that has been exposed in the console compared to SP1 Beta.

Exchange Team has exposed more options related to Database Availability Group (DAG) in 2010 SP1 RTM Console compared to 2010 RTM. In the RTM version of Exchange 2010, IP address for a DAG has to be set manually using the shell and this was one of the option many exchange admins (who are not comfortable with the shell) wanted to see in the console. Guess what?

More options, including setting a static IP address for the DAG is now exposed in the SP1 Console. Let me explain the options available.

Creating the DAG itself using the SP1 console has the same options compared to the RTM version. You can specify a name, Witness Server and Witness Directory while creating the DAG.

Create DAG

Once the DAG is created, launch the properties of the DAG to see more options. We can now set the following in the properties:

  • Alternate witness server
  • Alternate witness directory
  • IP address for the DAG
  • Additional IP, once the DAG is extended to another subnet

The “General” tab exposes the option to specify an alternate witness server and directory. Type in the details in the text box and click OK to make changes.

DAG Properties

The “IP Addresses” tab allows an admin to add static IP address for the DAG.

IP Address tab in DAG Properties

To add a static IP address, click “Add” and type in the IP. You can add more IPs as DAG gets extended to another subnet.

Add static IP in DAG

The “Operational Servers” tab gives us the list of servers that are operational in the DAG. A read-only tab.

Operational Servers

You still have to use the shell to make changes to the replication port, encryption, compression etc, but the option to add an ip address to the DAG using the console will make deploying DAG easier (atleast for the admins who doesn’t want to use the shell).