This guide describes how to replace the default Windows Recovery Environment (RE) with the Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset version 6.5 (new version of Winternals ERD Commander). Read my "Description of Windows RE" article.

Note: Article was written and sent to me by Netanel Ben-Shushan. Thanks Netanel!

Microsoft has developed a new version of ERD Commander from Winternals, which Microsoft acquired a while ago. The new version is called Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset, or DaRT for short. DaRT 6.5 is a part of Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack 2009 R2 (available to customers with an active Software Assurance license).

Microsoft Windows Enterprise: Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset

In order to replace Windows RE boot image with DaRT, you'll need to use an account with administrative privileges (member of the local Administrators group at least).

It's recommended to replace the default Windows RE within DaRT for getting a wide local troubleshooting toolset, such as LockSmith, for passwords reset, restoration utility, etc.

In order to perform the replacement, follows these steps:

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