This tool is so cool I thought I'd take the time to tell you all about it.

We as IT experts, are usually required to handle the task of performing a lot of administration and configuration tasks on many servers and workstations.  In most cases, these tasks can and should be performed remotely instead of having to actually walk over to that machine. Remote connection mechanisms exist to allow us to perform these tasks. While there are some nice 3rd-party tools such as VNC and its variants, NetOP, Dameware and others, Remote Desktop Connection (also known as RDC) is already built into 99% of Windows systems. Therefore, it is both free to use and provides you with many useful features that are directly related to Terminal Services. It's easy to configure, only requiring the click of a mouse. Furthermore, it's pretty secure. In the most recent versions of Windows, it can be used easily over WAN links by deploying both regular TS-based encryption or connecting through a Terminal Server (Remote Desktop) Gateway by using SSL (similar to what's used when connecting your Outlook client to your Exchange servers with Outlook Anywhere - or RPC over HTTPs).

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