There is something I always wanted to know and that is how VMotion(yes I am using the old school name on purpose) came to life. After some research on the internet and even on the internal websites I noticed that there are hardly any details to be found.

Now this might be because the story isn’t as exciting as we hope it  will be or because no one took the time to document it. In my opinion however VMotion is still one of the key features VMware offers but even more important it is what revolutionized the IT world. I think it is a great part of VMware history and probably the turning point  for the company. For me personally VMotion literally is what made me decide, years ago, to adopt virtualization and I am certain this goes for many others.

At VMworld I asked around who was mainly responsible for VMotion back in the days but no one really had a clear answer until I bumped into Kit Colbert. Kit, who was still an intern back then, worked closely with the person who originally developed VMotion. I decided to contact the engineer and asked him if he was willing to share the story as there are a million myths floating around.

Before I reveal the real story about how VMotion came to life I want to thank Mike Nelson for revolutionizing the world of IT and taking the time to share this with me and allowing me to share it with the rest of the world. Here is the true story of VMotion:

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