1. Overview

Some time ago, I was automating a few tasks with PowerShell and needed to set NTFS permissions on a folder. I was tempted to use the good old ICACLS.EXE command line, but I wanted to keep it all within PowerShell. While there are a number of different permissions you could want to set for a folder, my specific case called the following:

-          Create a new folder

-          Check the default permissions on the new folder

-          Turn off inheritance on that folder, removing existing inherited permissions from the parent folder

-          Grant “Full Control” permissions to Administrators, propagating via inheritance to files and subfolders

-          Grant “Read” permissions to Users, propagating via inheritance to files and subfolders

-          Review the permissions on the folder

2. The old ICACLS

In the old CMD.EXE world, you would use ICACLS.The commands would look like this:

-          MD F:\Folder

-          ICACLS F:\Folder

-          ICACLS F:\Folder /INHERITANCE:R

-          ICACLS F:\Folder /GRANT Administrators:(CI)(OI)F

-          ICACLS F:\Folder /GRANT Users: (CI)(OI)R

-          ICACLS F:\Folder

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