When managing an Exchange 2010 server organization in a production environment, an Exchange Administrator many times wants to keep track of things like Database Latency, Disk Space problems, search issues, user needs, and more. PowerShell was created to give us more power in our admin efforts, and many books have already been written to assist us with mastering the ins and outs of PowerShell Programming. What if I told you that you already had some examples of PowerShell programming, right on your Exchange server? And they are pretty helpful on top of that. Beginning with RTM, Exchange 2010 has shipped with 3 PowerShell Troubleshooters out of the box. Written in the PowerShell scripting language, they are ready for you to use:

  • Content Index Troubleshooter(Troubleshoot-CI.ps1)
  • Database Latency Troubleshooter(Troubleshoot-DatabaseLatancy.ps1)
  • Database Disk Space troubleshooter(Troubleshoot-DatabaseSpace.ps1)

These PowerShell scripts are located in the \Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Scripts folder.

Let's go over them.

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