Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 requires a number of hotfixes to be installed. These are listed in Exchange 2010 Prerequisites in Exchange 2010 documentation and in the Exchange 2010 SP1 FAQ and Known Issues post on the Exchange team blog.

While preparing a server for SP1, I erroneously kept trying to install the hotfixes on the Hyper-V host sytem, which has Windows 2008 R2 (instead of the VM running Windows Server 2008 SP2). Obviously, none of the hotfixes I downloaded for Windows 2008 SP2 would apply, and the hotfix installer kept informing me about the same.

Figure 1: Error when installing a hotfix for Windows 2008 R2 on a Windows 2008 SP2 server

To get a list of hotfixes installed on your system, you can use the Get-Hotfix cmdlet available in Windows PowerShell v2. If you simply use the Get-Hotfix cmdlet without any parameters, it retrieves a list of all hotfixes. The default output includes the following properties:

  • Source (server)
  • Description (Hotfix | Update | Security Update | Service Pack)
  • HotFixID (for example, KB973136)
  • InstalledBy (user)
  • InstalledOn (date/time installed)

You can also use the Id parameter to specify one or more hotfixes:

Get-Hotfix -Id kb979744

To determine whether the hotfixes required for Exchange 2010 SP1 (on Windows 2008 SP2) are installed on a server, use the following command:

Get-Hotfix kb973136,kb977592,kb977624,kb979099,kb979744,kb982867,kb979917