1. Introduction

When dealing with ISA high CPU utilization where wspsrve.exe is the one consuming more resources, the first impression is that ISA is the culprit for that. There are some scenarios where this statement is true, such as this one that I documented last year. But there are other scenarios where this is not true, including scenarios where wspsrv.exe is crashing – not always is because of ISA itself. I tried to demystify this on this post that I wrote back in 2009.

This post is about a scenario where ISA Server was facing a 100% CPU utilization and wspsrv.exe process was consuming most part of that (around 93%). This was happening at least twice a day and the only way to get CPU get to a normal utilization was by restarting Firewall Service. Sounds like an ISA issue right? Not really and you will see.

2. Gathering Data

Use the same data gathering approach as the one listed in this post with an addition of getting a full memory dump using notmyfault tool, see KB972110 for more info.

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