When I was enjoying some family time yesterday Eric Sloof stole my usual RVTools scoop. Nevertheless I believe it is worth publishing this as RVTools is one of the most valuable free non-vendor tools out there. Rob de Veij released a major version of RVTools. There are couple of major improvements in this version and hence the reason it took Rob slightly longer than expected to come with this update.

Here are the improvements in RVTools 3.0:

  • Pass-through authentication implemented. Allows you to use your logged on Windows credentials to automatically logon.
  • All numeric columns are now formated to make it more readable.
  • On vInfo the columns Commited, Uncommited, Shared and on vSnapshot the column size are now formated in MBs instead of bytes.
  • New tabpage created with service console and VMKernel information.
  • Now using vSphere Web Services SDK 4.1 which supports the new features available in vSphere 4.1
  • Export to csv file now uses Windows regional separator
  • Using NPOI to make it possible to write directly to xls files without the need for a installed Excel version on the system.
  • New menu function to write all information to one excel workbook with for each tabpage a new worksheet.
  • New command line options. Check the documentation!

Download it now,