It is finally released… PXE Manager for vCenter. My former Cloud colleague Max Daneri of VMTS fame has worked very very hard on this and actually demoed it at VMworld in 2009. I know Max is already working on the next release which of course will work with the upcoming vSphere version as well. So if you’ve tested it and have feedback don’t forget to leave a comment on

PXE Manager for vCenter enables ESXi host state (firmware) management and provisioning. Specifically, it allows:

  • Automated provisioning of new ESXi hosts stateless and stateful (no ESX)
  • ESXi host state (firmware) backup, restore, and archiving with retention
  • ESXi builds repository management (stateless and statefull)
  • ESXi Patch management
  • Multi vCenter support
  • Multi network support with agents (Linux CentOS virtual appliance will be available later)
  • Wake on Lan
  • Hosts memtest
  • vCenter plugin
  • Deploy directly to VMware Cloud Director
  • Deploy to Cisco UCS blades

--> the rest is on the website :