Step-by-step how to install Windows 8 Developer Preview using VMware.

Many users are excited with the release of Windows 8 Developers Preview, because it give us the change to get a first look of what is to come and an opportunity to get a head start to create new and unique Windows 8 applications. But you need to keep in mind that this is an unfinished product, there still a lot of work to be done and there is a good chance that things can go wrong, so the most effective way to test Windows 8 is by creating a virtual machine (VM). If you tried creating a virtual machine using VMware Workstation 7, VMware Player 3, or VirtualBox chances are that you were unsuccessful to get to the Windows 8 installation process – I know because it happened to me as well.

After trying and trying, I was able to get my Windows 8 Developer Preview running. Many users may have found different ways to install this version of Windows, but I wanted to share the way it worked for me.

--> The rest is to see on the blog. By The Way, VMware Workstation 8 FINAL is out...