DELL recently released their new Multipath Extension Module (MEM) for the EqualLogic PS Series of storage array. This updated MEM now supports vSphere 5.0.

I guess I should try to explain what a MEM is before going any further. VMware implements a Pluggable Storage Architecture (PSA) model in the VMkernel. This means that storage array vendors can write their own multipathing modules to plugin to the VMkernel I/O path. These plugins can co-exist alongside VMware's own default set of modules. There are different modules for different tasks in the PSA. For instance, the specific details of handling path failover for a given storage array are delegated to the Storage Array Type Plugin (SATP). SATP is associated with paths. The specific details for determining which physical path is used to issue an I/O request (load balancing) to a storage device are handled by a Path Selection Plugin (PSP). PSP is associated with logical devices. The SATP & PSP are both MEMs (Multipath Extension Modules).

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