The following are top support issues that were reported by customers since v6 launch. The information below is based on first 10 days, and is coming from v6 install base of over 20'000 unique downloads.

The patch addressing all 3 issues below is available through our technical support starting December 10, 2011.

Issue 1
Direct SAN Access processing mode does not work for certain SAN makes and models.

Issue 2
Virtual Appliance (Hot Add) processing mode does not work when backup proxy is installed on localized version of Microsoft Windows.

Issue 3
Upgrade related issues affecting jobs created in v5 - poor incremenal backup performance, and large VIB file created on the first incremental run.

Finally, not a bug - but behavior changer that upgrading users should keep in mind. The default VMware backup proxy (local) is pre-configured to 2 concurrent tasks. If you don't deploy additional proxies, or increase this number (if server CPU allows), you will not be able to run more than 2 tasks in parallel - while you have been able previously. For newly added proxy servers, the maximum concurrent tasks amount is set automatically according to CPU capabilities by the wizard, however the product setup does not have CPU detection code, and just sets the number of tasks on local proxy to 2.

--> Please see VEEAM support forums and request for hotfix, of wait until update is available.

Pour information, si vos backups sont en erreur à chaque fois avec des Proxy Windows en Français... et bien vous y êtes! patch ou Proxy Windows en Anglais obligatoire, pour moi une VM Windows 2003 x64 US fait très bien le taf.