ugene Kaspersky believes Apple Mac OS X is 10 years behind Microsoft Windows in terms of security. He believes Cupertino will have to go through the security overhaul that Redmond once did.

Kaspersky Lab last week detailed why the increasing market share of the Apple Mac means more malware on the platform. Eugene (Yevgeny) Kaspersky, co-founder and CEO of the security firm, has now gone further while attending the Infosecurity Europe 2012conference.


“I think [Apple] are ten years behind Microsoft in terms of security,” Kaspersky told CBR. “For many years I’ve been saying that from a security point of view there is no big difference between Mac and Windows. It’s always been possible to develop Mac malware, but this one was a bit different. For example it was asking questions about being installed on the system and, using vulnerabilities, it was able to get to the user mode without any alarms.”

--> Please see the rest on the blog, who says this will push service on MacOS :)