The near-final Release Candidate of Windows Server 2012 included no new features since Beta, but lots of performance tweaks that made it good enough for the Bing team.

When Microsoft delivered the near-final Release Candidate (RC) of Windows Server 2012 on May 31, company officials told me there were no new features introduced to the product since the beta hit in late February.

So does that mean Windows Server 2012 is, for all intents and purposes, “done” — as opposed to Windows 8 client, which is still being modified considerably even though the Softies are calling it “feature-complete”? In a word, yes.

And if you need more proof of Windows Server 2012’s sea-worthiness, Microsoft announced on June 7 that the company is is serving up all worldwide results from using Windows Server 2012 servers running the Release Candidate.


--> Windows 2012 is already used in production!!!

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