Customer of mine wanted to move their VMware environment into the hosting environment we as Open Line offer to our customers. The initial plan was to shutdown all their systems, then physically move their storage and ESXi hosts to our site and start it again. After all systems would be running again, we would then migrate the VMs into our hosting environment.

Unfortunately a health check of their storage learned that there had been quite some issues with this storage in all those years. Severall SPS (Standby Power Supply) failures, disk failures, etc, etc. Performance was bad at that time and all in all these where enough warning signs for us to decide to not touch the storage and certainly not move it.

In a brainwave moment I thought that maybe Veeam Backup & Replication v6 could help us here. Many times I’ve been reading about the replication feature but never really used it in production but to my knowledge this would be a migration that could be done with Veeam v6 Backup & Replication.

We drew the following plan:

  • On customer site make full backups weeks before migrating
  • Import those backups into our site and restore the VMs into our vCenter
  • Daily replicate changes from customer site to our site, using the restored VMs at our site as “seeder” VMs
  • During migration weekend shutdown VMs at customer site, perform a last sync and then power on the VMs at our site.

Note: Their VM VLAN was completely separate from other servers and client systems, so it was very easy to recreate the VLAN with same IP range at our site.

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For Gabe's requests, VEEAM Backup & Replication is now 6.1, includes some of his requests, and next version to come should fill the remaining!