I was rebuilding my demo environment on Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate (RC) when I encountered this issue around network teaming: I could not make the network teaming work in the Virtual Machine. So in the case you want to try it in your lab, I hope you’ll find this tip usefull.

Network Teaming is a new feature of Windows Server 2012. With network teaming, you will create virtual network interface that groups several physical network interface. The network configuration will be made on the virtual interface.

The configuration of the team can be :

  • Load balancing : the network traffic will be balanced between the physical interface based on the algorithm you decide.
  • Fail over : if one card fail, the other card will be used.

If you do this on a physical machine you just need to follow those steps :

  1. Create a network team following those steps in the GUI in Server Manager 

--> Please see the rest on the blog : http://blogs.technet.com/b/dcaro/archive/2012/07/09/windows-server-2012-network-teaming.aspx