Teradici extends the PCoIP Protocol to the Windows Remote Desktop Services /TSE !!!!


Teradici Remote Desktop Services Host (RDSH), a software-based solution, brings PCoIP remote display protocol to Microsoft Windows Server RDS (terminal services).

Consolidate and simplify mixed deployments of VMware View and Microsoft RDSH on a single PCoIP protocol

Teradici RDSH is an ideal solution for enterprises with mixed deployments of VMware View/Windows published desktop as it enables companies to:

  • optimize network infrastructure on a single protocol: PCoIP
  • manage end-point devices as a single pool of assets independent of the actual service used, either VMware View or Microsoft RDSH
Improve end-user experience over any network conditions on LAN and WAN

Teradici’s adaptive PCoIP protocol provides a true PC experience and is recognized as one of the leading desktop remoting protocols.

Access to extensive PCoIP ecosystem
  • PCoIP zero clients: most secure and lowest OPEX end-points
  • APEX 2800 server offload card, which ensures and protects the user experience as loads change and also increases scalability with heavy graphics workloads
Leverages VMware View Connection Manager

Single broker for mixed deployments of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (View) and server-based computing (Terminal Services) solutions.

  • Robust broker load-balancing capabilities
  • Fault tolerant

--> Please see the rest on the website : http://www.teradici.com/pcoip-solutions/rdsh-solution/overview.php