Quest Software unveiled new vRanger 6.0 product. This new, enhanced version of vRanger, will be able to backup not only VMware vSphere architecture, but through the same UI you’ll be able to backup/restore physical hosts as well.

The backup of physical hosts will operate through agents installed in those physical systems, and those agents will be pushing the data to be backed up, to the backup repository. Distributed agent’s architecture optimizes the data flow avoiding bottle necks and have better scalability. It eliminates extra hops by sending the data directly to the repository.

vRanger 6.0 is an image level backup solution, so the backup of physical host is “snapshoting” the whole server. The recovery proces enables to recover the whole server. Individual files can be extracted from the backups as needed, as the product offers very fast indexing engine for searching the catalogs. vRanger 6.0 also supports Windows Server 2012 which recently went RTM.

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