Some thoughts about MS Exchange recovery possibilities.

I’ve done quite a few Exchange Server installations in my carreer. Both physical and virtual. The installation and migration processes are quite ok, but when it comes to possible recovery (recovery of DB, recovery of e-mail accounts or recovery individual emails) there are many solutions. I’ll try to outline some of them.

There are software solutions to get the DB recovered fast, but sometimes the recovery for exchange server needs to be done by experts working deeper than the software layer. Cases where the exchange server is physical with two disks in raid 5 broken…. I’ve seen this. But usually IT admins do have some sort of backup, if not they archive the e-mail account to a local PST files, just in case. They’re usually try to work with what they have.

To recover an Exchange DB, I had some good results with Enstella, which provides a recovery possibility to exchange’s edb file. You basicaly load the edb file into Enstella, and extract the e-mails, contacts, or any other objects of the user. In addition, the software enables you to create an archive (pst) files from the edb file, in case the exchange server is not recoverable.

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