vSphere Data protection – a quick guide how to deploy and use

vSphere Data Protection is a new backup product, which does not bring an additional cost, but it’s included in vSphere Essentials Plus and higher VMware vSphere package. The product is based on EMC’s Avamar code and present an interesting upgrade for existing customers which are upgrading from vSphere 4.x where vSphere Data Protection (VDP) was bundled.

But to transition from VDR to VDP….? Strangely there is nothing provided. I would imagine having a tool which could tranform or import the backup stores from VDR, but VMware did not said anything about that. A workaround? If you see some workaround, I’d like to hear from you in the comments section… -:).

I’ve detailed the VDP’s specification in my detailed post – vSphere Data Protection – a new backup product included with vSphere 5.1. But but today we’ll do the deployment and configuration step by step, to be at the end be able to backup our first VM. The appliance is bundled with ova file format, which is a prepackaged format to be imported in vCenter.

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