LoadMaster VLM Virtual Appliance – install and configure

KEMP Technologies is a load Balancing specialist offering both virtual and hardware-based solutions. For the virtual appliance, VMware vSphere, ESX, ESXi, Workstation, Player and Server along with Xen and Hyper-V are all currently supported. The virtual appliance can be downloaded HERE. Today we will focus on the installation and configuration of the Virtual LoadMaster (VLM) running on VMware vSphere 5.1. I’ll walk you through the setup process which I was able to do in my small lab.

The product provides both L4 and L7 content switching, SSL Offload, Server and Application Health Checking, Persistence, Caching, Compression, IPS and much more. All the capabilities of the product can be found at the KEMP Technologies website: http://www.kemptechnologies.com.

I think it’s a world premiere, to test this product on VMware vSphere 5.1 and I don’t think that it’s been validated yet by KEMP, but the VMware’s 5.1 release is backwards compatible with virtual machines and appliances pre-configured to run on ESXi 4.x and 5.0 hosts. The packaging of the product for VMware vSphere is done with virtual hardware version 7 (vSphere 4.x), but it’s not a real problem or handicap, since the virtual hardware can easily be upgraded once the appliance is fully setup.

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