Today I received an email about the vSphere Metro Storage Cluster paper I wrote, or better said about stretched clusters in general. I figured I would answer the questions in a blog post so that everyone can chip in / read etc. So lets show the environment first so that the questions are clear. Below is an image of the scenario.

Below are the questions I received:

If a power outage occurs at Frimley the 2 hosts get a message by the UPS that there is a power outage. After 5 minutes (or any other configured value) the next action should start. But what will be the next action? If a scripted migration to a host at Bluefin starts, will DRS move some VMs back to Frimley? Or could the VMs get a mark to stick at Bluefin? Should the hosts at Frimley placed into Maintenance mode so the migration will be done automatically? And what happens if there is a total power outage both at Frimley and Bluefin? How a controlled shutdown across hosts could be arranged?


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