15 octobre 2012

Les DSI sont « sous-évalués » et peu impliqués dans l’entreprise

 Selon une étude d’Ernst & Young si 60% des DSI estiment apporter de la valeur à l’entreprise, la majorité des cadres dirigeants en doutent et préfèrent donc ne pas impliquer les responsables de SI dans les décisions business. Ses compétences et son expérience interdisent-elles au DSI de jouer un rôle stratégique ? Si le système d’information joue désormais un rôle majeur dans un grand nombre d’entreprises, cela ne se traduit pas nécessairement par une plus forte implication des DSI dans la stratégie et les décisions de ces... [Lire la suite]
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15 octobre 2012

Compacting Virtual Hard Disks in Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012

Recently the “Ask the Core Team” blog did a great post about compacting a dynamically expanding virtual hard disk in Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012. You should check out their full post for the details, but the summary is that you now need to manually mount the virtual hard disks in the management operating system prior to trying to compact it. This is something that we used to do automatically for you – but we had reports of problems when we were attaching and removing virtual hard disks when the system administrator was not... [Lire la suite]
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15 octobre 2012

Exchange Deployment Assistant for Exchange Server 2013 is on the way

Yes, we’ve heard your feedback and the Exchange Deployment Assistant for Exchange Server 2013 is on the way! We want to let you know that we’re working, right now, on the Exchange Server 2013 Deployment Assistant. It will be very similar to the current Exchange Server 2010 Deployment Assistant. Don’t worry, the 2010 version will live on. But, we want to provide the same step-by-step upgrade and deployment guidance for the new Exchange as well! We expect to release initial scenarios like a greenfield Exchange 2013 on-premises... [Lire la suite]
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15 octobre 2012

Managing High Availability with the EAC

You may have seen the introduction to the new Exchange Administration Center (EAC). The EAC is a unified Web-based portal for both on-premises and online Exchange deployments. Managing high availability (HA) is one of the key scenarios for on-premises customers, and the EAC delivers a brand new experience of managing HA. With EAC, the HA management tools are put together with a new modern look and feel. Managing Exchange HA involves different operations like database switchovers, server switchovers, adding database copies, reseeding,... [Lire la suite]
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15 octobre 2012

Windows Server 2012, File Servers and SMB 3.0 – Simpler and Easier by Design

 Introduction I have been presenting our solution in Windows Server 2012 for File Storage for Virtualization (Hyper-V over SMB) and Databases (SQL Server over SMB) for a while now. I always start the conversation talking about how simple and easy it is for an IT Administrator or an Application Developer to use SMB 3.0. However, I am frequently challenged to detail exactly what that means. After all, both “simple” and “easy” are fairly subjective concepts. In this blog post, I will enumerate some design decisions regarding the... [Lire la suite]
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15 octobre 2012

Some questions about Stretched Clusters with regards to power outages

Today I received an email about the vSphere Metro Storage Cluster paper I wrote, or better said about stretched clusters in general. I figured I would answer the questions in a blog post so that everyone can chip in / read etc. So lets show the environment first so that the questions are clear. Below is an image of the scenario. Below are the questions I received: If a power outage occurs at Frimley the 2 hosts get a message by the UPS that there is a power outage. After 5 minutes (or any other configured value) the next action... [Lire la suite]
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15 octobre 2012

How to Create a Deployment Share in MDT 2012

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012, known by the acronym MDT, is a solution accelerator from Microsoft. The solution accelerators are a collection of tools and utilities developed to make implementing Microsoft solutions something that is less of a burden for IT administrators and engineers. MDT is a free download from Microsoft. However, once it’s installed you'll still need to configure a few more items before you can start creating system images. This article describes how to create a new distribution share in MDT 2012. It also... [Lire la suite]
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15 octobre 2012

This FREE tool remove the HP Proliant Support Pack from Virtualized Servers P2V

HP Proliant Support Pack Cleaner v1.5 Release Date: November 8, 2010   This FREE tool remove the HP Proliant Support Pack from Virtualized Servers     NEW in this version: Support both x86 and x64 versions of HP Proliant Support Pack. Run in Unattended mode using /NOGUI parameter.   To run HP Proliant Support Pack Cleaner, you must run as administrator, or disable UAC on Windows 2008. --> Please see the rest on the site... [Lire la suite]
15 octobre 2012

Création d’un environnement WinPE 4

L’installation de l’outil ADK de Microsoft, fournit la possibilité de créer un environnement WinPE 4 (noyau Windows 8). Cet environnement permet d’effectuer des tâches de maintenance, de création d’image au format Microsoft WIM, de déploiement d’image WIM et bien d’autres choses.   Afin de posséder un environnement WinPE personnalisable, effectuer les étapes suivantes : 1/ A partir du menu ‘Démarrer’ : 2/ Lancer le menu ‘Environnement de déploiement et d’outils de création d’images’ : 3/ Cela ouvre un invité de commande... [Lire la suite]
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15 octobre 2012

Office 2013 Reaches RTM!

Today we reached an important milestone in the development of the new Office.  Moments ago, the Office engineering team signed off on the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) build. This milestone means the coding and testing phase of the project is complete and we are now focused on releasing the new Office via multiple distribution channels to our consumer and business customers. This is the most ambitious release of Office we've ever done. It spans the full family of Office applications, servers and cloud services. The new... [Lire la suite]
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