VMware Mirage Installation and Configuration in Lab environment.

Vmware Mirage has been demoed during the latest VMworld 2012 in Barcelona. I have attended and also I did an interview with a demo there with Tom Nikl. If you have missed that, you can read the original article here – VMware Mirage – VMworld Barcelona Demo.

VMware Mirage Architecture is composed from several components which each of those is installed on particular place – in the datacenter, on the client computers etc. Let’s see which components are used in the VMware Mirage architecture.

VMware Mirage Architecture.

Mirage client – deployed on the client’s computers. The Mirage Client pushes the data from the client to the datacenter where the Mirage Server is deployed. It can be from the LAN or over the WAN. If deployed over the WAN, there are some helper components called Branch Reflectors, but we’ll see later on how those can be used. Windows XP Professional with SP2 or SP3, 32-bit can be used, OR windows 7 Pro or Enterprise editions (32 and 64bit).

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