Welcome to 2013, the era of multi-device mobile workspace, BYOD and the consumerization of IT. Let’s explore each of these.

Consumerization of IT doesn’t mean encouraging your users to use unaccountable, non-compliant consumer services to get their work done. But it does mean that IT has competition! IT is no longer the only game in town. Users are far more sophisticated in 2013 – they use tools and technologies in their personal lives and woe to the IT organization that doesn’t provide access to modern easy to use, business compliant technologies that enable a productive workforce. Fail to do that and your IT org is on the road to obsolescent.

This brings me to BYOD, which is a great advance for users – buy and use what you want, when you want it. No longer are you tethered to an uncool corporate-sanctioned device that was approved 3 years ago.

And lastly, the multi-device workspace. We use many different devices throughout the day. Most users have 2-3 devices that they use at different times and places depending on context. Some folks call this the “post-PC” era, but as I’ve mentioned before I consider it the “Post PC only” era.

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