Windows Server 2012 introduces fundamental improvements that make it a cloud-ready operating system. The capabilities provide a flexible and scalable solution which opens up a wide range of opportunities for hosting providers to build new cloud services.

This blog post is co-authored by Uma Mahesh, Senior Program Manager and Yigal Edery, Principal Program Manager in the Windows Server division. The blog article is based on Yigal’s TechEd talk on “Building Hosted Public and Private Clouds Using Windows Server 2012

In this post,, a Washington DC based fictitious company, replicates its business critical VMs to a hosting provider offering DR as a cloud service.   This article describes integration between different Windows Server 2012 features to enable a complete end to end service which hosting providers (or ‘hoster’) can offer. It uses Hyper-V Replica, Network Virtualization and Remote Access (including both site-to-site (S2S) VPN  &  DirectAccess), which enables a hoster to build a complete, multi-tenant disaster recover (DR) service, using Windows Server 2012.

The technology building blocks are:

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